2014 Cadillac Escalade

"Insomnia" is the perfect name for this one of a kind system that surely keeps the competition up at night. Outfitted front to back with B2 Audio including 11 Amplifiers, 14 tweeters, 14 mid range speakers, a 10" shallow mount subwoofer, and 2 giant 33" subwoofers. 

Featured in PASMAG.    

Ford F-350

Fully Loaded

A "Dream Drive" more likely to see on the roads, this fully loaded F-350 got a full MTI make over with custom front stage, rear stage, state of the art A-pillars, custom subwoofer enclosure, with beautiful LEDs all around. Outfit with 4x Focal 40th Anniversary Audio kits, including 8x cone woofers, 4 x 10" subwoofers, 8x tweeters, and 4 amplifiers. Lead design/install Justin Kush (2021 Installer of the year)

1971 Cheyenne 10

Custom Interior/System

A "labor of love" project, Our award winning team was tasked with designing, fabricating, and building a fully custom interior and audio system that held the soul of this 1971 Cheyenne 10. The blend of wood tones, dark chocolate leather, German square weave carpet and aluminum was a perfect blend of grace and style. Audio wise we went with Morel front stage, Helix V8 for amplifiers/processor, Sony 8100 for the source unit, and 8" Focal flax subs.

1993 Bronco 

Custom Audio System

An extraordinary ranch truck you can hear coming down the loudest back road! A one of a kind design and build bringing modern sound quality and style to an already old school beauty. Custom door panels and A-pillars, expertly integrated screen on the front dash, one of a kind rear speaker bar, and custom floating sub enclosure with amps integrated below. Lead designer/installer Phil Cantu. 

2x JL Audio 13W7 subs

3x  JL Vxi Amps/ 1x RD1500/1

Focal front/rear stages


World Class SQ build

Shipped from Florida, our team had to match this over the top wide body Genesis with a world class sound quality custom system and interior. Including custom kick panels, A-pillars, hex design leather seat covers, bandpass trunk enclosure ported into the cab through the rear console, +more. Partnering with Arc Audio using 5 custom etched 1/1 Signature amplifiers, a PS8 Processor, and a bevy of top of the line  Arc RS speakers. Wrapping it up with 2x JLW7 subwoofers. Lead design/installer Justin Kush (2021 Installer of the year)